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Fync+ Rewards Terms and Conditions

At Fync Pty Limited, we take pride in creating a rewarding experience for our valued customers. These Terms and Conditions outline the rules and guidelines of the Fync+ Rewards Program. By participating in the program, you are agreeing to these terms.

Fync+ Rewards

Terms and Conditions

21 June 2023

1. Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns about our Fync+ Rewards Terms and Conditions, please contact us at:

Level 35, One International Towers,

100 Barangaroo Ave, Barangaroo NSW 2000


Phone: 1300 333 110

2. Introduction


2.1. These Terms and Conditions apply to Fync+ Rewards, and they govern the contractual relationship between Fync and each Member. It is the Member's responsibility to read, understand and comply with them.

2.2. These Terms and Conditions are effective as at the date specified above and may be amended by Fync from time to time. The current Terms and Conditions are those available on this page at

3. Eligibility


To be eligible for the Program, you must hold two or more qualifying products or services with Fync. If you hold less than two products at any given time, your points become invalid.


4. Earning Points


There are three ways to earn points:


4.1. Earn ordinary reward points when you hold two or more products with Fync.

4.2. Earn 'Referral Rewards' for Successful Referrals.

4.3. Participate in bonuses and promotions.


5. What is a Successful Referral?


'Referral Rewards' is earned specifically through the successful referral of new clients to Fync. To earn 'Referral Rewards', the referred party must become a client of Fync and avail themselves of a minimum of one service. The points earned through this method will be credited to the referring Member's account only after the successful completion of the referred client's service(s). All 'Referral Rewards' are subject to Fync's review and approval.


The method and rate of 'Referral Rewards' accumulation are determined solely by Fync, and may be subject to change or discontinuation at any time and without prior notice. It remains the responsibility of Members to stay informed about the 'Referral Rewards' scheme and its terms.


5. Redemption


Home loans: There is a no redemption period for the first 12 months.

General Insurance: Rewards are accrued in arrears and become eligible for redemption only upon the completion of the respective insurance term, and thereafter on an annual basis.  

Taxation and Accounting: Rewards gained through the use of Taxation and Accounting Services are eligible for redemption after the successful completion of the service.

Brand Design: Rewards gained through the use of Brand Design Services are eligible for redemption after the successful completion of the service.


5. Expiry


Fync holds the authority to impose an expiry term on Rewards at its discretion. Should a Fync+ Rewards member ceases to be a Fync client, any Rewards earned Rewards will be automatically forfeited.


6. Changes to the Program


Fync holds the authority to alter, limit, modify or terminate the Program, the Program structure, any rules, regulations, benefits, conditions of participation, the points not yet redeemed, the earning rate, the redemption rate, and product inclusion at any time, without prior notice.


7. Acceptance of Terms


By participating in the Program, you accept these terms and conditions. Fync may change these terms and conditions at any time or contract with another party to administer this Program. It's the member and client's responsibility to keep up-to-date with and comply with these terms and conditions.

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