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Fync is the trusted financial services provider for high-net-worth, affluent individuals and families, offering a full-service package that includes financing and insuring luxury homes and assets and specialised accounting services.

Experience concierge-level service and fully customisable financial services tailored to your unique needs.

Speak to a Fync specialist to discuss customisable support for your high-value and luxury assets.

Financial services for high-value property and assets

Elite Services for the Affluent

Since our establishment two decades ago, we have been advising successful Australians on every aspect of their lives and interests. Our clients come from diverse backgrounds, and we have assisted several high-net-worth individuals and families with significant assets. 

Our skilled team of financial specialists can give you access to a wide range of exclusive financial services. Whether you want to buy, sell a property or buy a private jet, our specialists and concierge services will find the perfect solution for every lifestyle and investment goal.

Luxury yacht finance from Fync Platinum


Sophisticated financial solutions for a life of luxury.


Streamlined insurance services for the busy and successful.

In a world of unexpected changes, we offer you the assurance of being there when you need us.

From luxury homes and assets to high-turnover businesses, Fync can help you secure your high value assets with the best quality coverage.

Luxury home finance and insurance by Fync
Luxury home loans and insurance by Fync for high net worth individuals and families

Luxury real estate transactions.

For high-net-worth clients seeking a seamless and exclusive property purchase or sale, Fync offers unparalleled expertise and dedicated, efficient service.


Let us guide you through every step of the process, from honouring tight deadlines to securing exclusivity agreements.

Your privacy, 

our priority.

At Fync, we understand the sensitive nature of handling our clients' personal affairs and have the expertise to navigate all relevant issues with the utmost sensitivity to achieve the desired outcomes.

Have peace of mind knowing your high value assets are covered by Australia's top insurers. Fync will compare and find the best cover for you from across the market.

Luxury home finance and insurance by Fync Platinum for high net worth individuals and families


First class solutions.

As the world economy becomes increasingly interconnected, we recognise that the needs of HNWIs have become more intricate and require specialised wealth management solutions.


Fync offers tailored assistance on wealth structuring, philanthropic giving, commercial property law, and private capital investments.


Our priority is to provide you with personalised and strategic guidance that takes into consideration all the factors of your financial goals. All with FIRST CLASS service at your disposal.

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