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Public & Product Liability

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Commercial Property & Landlords

Cyber & Digital Insurance

Business Interruption Insurance

Commercial Motor & Fleet

Commercial Strata Insurance

Essential Person Insurance


Fear less and grow more with the right business insurance.

A comprehensive solution to your business insurance needs.

Empower your business with customised insurance strategies from Fync. We handle the risks so you can focus on what you do best — driving your business forward.

Public & Product Liability Insurance

​Comprehensive cover for third-party injury or damage claims, essential for client-facing businesses and product suppliers.


A critical shield against digital risks, covering data breaches and cyber threats to protect your online business activities.

Commercial Strata

Ideal for businesses in strata-titled properties, covering shared areas and facilities against various risks.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Protection against claims of professional negligence, providing security for businesses that offer advice or services.

Business Interruption Insurance

Ensures financial stability during unforeseen disruptions, covering lost income and operational expenses.

Key Person

Insures against the loss of essential personnel, safeguarding your business against potential operational impacts.

Property & Commercial Landlords Insurance

Safeguards business premises, whether owned or leased, covering property damage, rental defaults, and related liabilities.

Commercial Motor & Fleet Insurance

Protects business vehicles and fleets from damages and liabilities, essential for operations reliant on transportation.

Have peace of mind knowing you're covered by Australia's top insurers.

Fync will compare and find the best cover for you from across the market.

Coffee Shop Owner

Tabby owns a cafe in Sydney. She has secured her future with

Building insurance

Public liability

Business interruption

Key person insurance

Machinery insurance 

A wealth of knowledge.

Business owners are experts in their own fields, whether running a café, hair salon or a consultancy, but they may not be experts in insurance. This means they may not know all the different types of risks they may face as a business. At Fync, we specialise in business insurance.

Our team of experts has extensive industry knowledge, enabling them to identify potential risks and customize an insurance package to meet your business needs.

Why you might need insurance for your business?

Starting and growing a business requires significant effort and dedication. Despite careful planning, certain situations may arise that are beyond your control. Small to medium businesses, in particular, can face unique vulnerabilities. This is why it's crucial to determine the most suitable insurance coverage for your specific business needs.

Depending on your business's nature and operating locations, you might have contractual or legal obligations mandating specific insurance coverage. Consequently, it's essential to assess your business responsibilities and obligations carefully.

Connect with a Fync Business Insurance expert to discuss your insurance needs.


your business.

Running a business comes with responsibilities and risks, whether you're a sole trader or a global enterprise. Business insurance protects against financial damage, giving you peace of mind to focus on growing your business.


Need to make a claim?

When the unexpected happens, we can coordinate your claims process for you, so you don't have to. Fync will know what is and isn't covered by your policy.  Call us and we'll be by your side.

Fync business insurance for busy businesses of all shapes and sizes
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